Stolowe Mountains National Park

It was established on September 16th, 1993. Stołowe Mountains National Park encompasses “Wierzchowina”, central parts of the Stołowe Mountains and the northwest part of the Lewiński Hills. On the northwest it borders the Czech Landscape Park ChKO Broumovsko. From the south and north-east the area of the Park coprises a forest at the foot of the Stołowe Mountains and north-western part of the Lewińskie Hills. The park encompasses a total area of ​​6,347.71 hectares: 771 hectares with strict protection, 4944 hectares with active protection and 631with landscape protection. Types of ecosystems found in the park are forest ecosystems, meadow and bog. The characteristic species of flora and fauna: saxifraga sponhemica, traunsteinera globosa, wolf's bane, gentianella bohemica, orange lily, spring snowflake, twistedstalk, bernh, ound-headed rampion, elder-flowered orchid, globeflower, mudpine.

Fauna: red deer, eurasian eagle-owl, eurasian pygmy owl, white-throated dipper, peregrine falcon, black stork, edible dormouse, common frog, common toad, newt, common european adder, sand lizard. The most important activity to protect the biodiversity of the park is the reconstruction of forest ecosystems, active protection of meadow ecosystems - mowing meadows, protection of peat ecosystems, building anti-erosion routes, decentralization of tourist traffic.

Stołowe Mountains National Park can easily be reached by train or by bus - towns located in the lagging park are its gateways. There is a network of dedicated car parks.

A network of hiking and biking is about 100 km, cycling routes - 30 km (in the winter season, about 30 km of cross-country trails).

SMNP is running extensive educational activities. Its most important center is “Ekocentrum” building adjacent to the park’s headquarters.

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